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Engineering Management, Big Data and Computational Advertising

the Rubicon Project

From 2009 to 2016 I worked at the Rubicon Project Chief Scientist finishing as Chief Technical Officer.

What is that?

The Rubicon Project's mission is to automate the buying and selling of advertising. Rubicon's system is a real-time exchange handling powering the programmatic based marketplace of the thousands of publishers and advertisers. On a typical day in 2016 it handles 500B+ HTTP events, 50+ terabytes of data and $2M+ processed advertising spend. Rubicon Project IPO'd in 2014 as RUBI on NYSE.

Previously I helped restart OthersOnline, which was acquired by Rubicon. Our technology uses NLP, biologically inspired algorithms, NoSQL, Hadoop and a search engine turned upside-down to mine weblog data and optimize advertising. We beat Google's AdSense head-to-head in several controlled experiments.

From 1999 to 2007 I worked at RightNow Technologies, a leading CRM vendor specializing in eService. I worked within the RightNow Labs researching and implementing technologies from Artificial Intelligence to provide enhanced features to their CRM suite of products.

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